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2023 Calendar 

Do you love photography? Do you love NZ marine mammals? If yes then you will be perfect to enter our 2023 calendar competition where your photo could feature in our next years calendar where 100% of the proceeds will go to our friends at the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust - you can find out more about what they do here.

The following categories are as follows:

January - Hectors & Māui dolphin - Tūpoupou & Popoto

February - Southern right whale - Tohorā

March - Common dolphin - Aihe

April - NZ Sea lion - Whakahao

May - Sperm whale - Parāoa 

June - Bottlenose dolphin - Terehu

July - Humpback whale - Paikea

August - NZ Fur seal - Kekeno

September - Orca - Maki

October  - Blue whae

November - Long finned pilot whale & False killer whale - Upokohue 

December - Leopard Seal - Popoiangore

The rules are simple and easy:

  • Your photo must be taken in NZ waters

  • You can submit as many photos as you want for as many of the above categories, however should you win one then you cannot win another so any photos submitted will be pulled out.

We are taking submissions now and this will close 31st July - voting will commence on the 15th of August - starting with January - the voting will be over 3 days with a 2 day gap between the next voting.

The Calendars will be printed end of November ready for shipping at the beginning of December - pre orders will be set up approximately 1 week after voting has finished.

You can enter your submissions to:

The calendars will be printed in the same way as last year since they were a big hit with people - 

  • Large  calendar featuring high quality photography of NZ's ocean wildlife

  • 350 x 290mm Landscape Cover & Back

  • 350gsm full colour two sides

  • 22 text pages - 350gsm satin printed full colour two sides. 

  • Features 12 professionally taken images.

  • Contains NZ public holidays and school terms as well as all those important wildlife dates.

  • Wire bound with white wire.

  • Centre hole drilled at the bottom to hang the calendar.


Calendars will be printed by - based on the North Shore in Auckland


Proudly printed by