My Story


Taken during my internship onboard Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari - taking photos of Orca

Photo taken by: Aommy Aommin

My name is Dana Sheehan and I have grown up on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand and still live here today. My love for dolphins and whales has been since I can remember as a child and grew to include the ocean and everything that relies on the ocean to survive.

I have also been fortunate enough to also have been a marine research intern on board the Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari for about a year - before covid-19 hit. I got to learn a ton of stuff about our marine life here in the Hauraki Gulf and assisted in taking I.D photos and gathering information on the marine animals that we encountered here in the gulf.


 New Zealand is surround in water, no matter where you are it never takes long to get to the ocean.

We are home to some of the world's most amazing marine life, almost half of the world's whale and dolphin species are found here in New Zealand waters.

Home also to one of the world's smallest dolphin, the NZ dolphin, that go by the name of the Hectors dolphin found only South Island and the Maui dolphin found in the North Island. There are approximately 63 Maui dolphin's and about 7,000 Hectors dolphin left in the world making the Maui dolphin CRITCALLY ENDANGERED and the Hectors dolphin ENDANGERED. 

Our oceans are the largest ecosystem in the world, they are our largest life support system, for this they need to be looked after, for us and everything that lives' in it. We have been destroying it beyond comprehension. These oceans are what's generating more than half the oxygen we breathe. Climate change is something to be worried about.

I wanted to help in some way to try and make people aware of what we have here and why these mammals are so important and what we must do to protect them and stop them from extinction as the saying goes EXTINCTION IS FOREVER. 

Everything that is sold on this website are items that I truly love and hope that you will love as well with a percentage of the proceeds to go to the New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust, this is a fantastic research organisation who do fantastic work for the conservation of whales and dolphins in New Zealand as well as been a research driven organisation in helping to ensure  sustainability and recovery for our mammals down under. 

The resin is all done by myself and will have new stock dropping beginning of July 2022:)

“Eat seafood you have caught yourself, using a hook and line, long-line, fishing rod, dragnet, fish trap, craypot, speargun or any other dolphin-safe fishing method. Don’t use nets and don’t eat fish if you can’t be sure it was not caught using a gillnet or trawling."

— New Zealand Whale & Dolphin Trust