Heres how you can help the NZ dolphin

There is a chance to again be the voice for the NZ dolphins by sending a submission to the Threat Management  Plan (TMP). 

The fisheries NZ have now started their consultation process which means WE can all request further protection for the South Island Hectors dolphin!

This consultation is open from the 11th of October to the 6th of December 2021.

Please click here to send your submission.

You can also write to show your support by writing to the following:

​Please show your support by writing to:

Hon Kiritapu Allan: Minister of Conservation

Hon David Parker: Minister of Oceans & Fisheries

Rt Hon Jacinda Arden: Prime Minster

You can email them at their address listed below or write them a letter. Remember that postage is free for letters to Parliament!!

Here is a draft to give you some ideas (written by Jesu Valdes) :

Dear Minister,

New Zealand must increase protections in place for Maui and Hector's dolphins to 100 metres depth or 20 nautical miles offshore, reducing marine mammal by-catch. Not only will this protect these endangered species we cannot afford to lose, it will also protect income from local and international tourism vital to NZ's small South Island towns.

The whole world loves these small, beautiful and vulnerable dolphins as much as we do. Please extend the protection throughout their habitat, in all waters less than 100m deep, across both our islands.

Their email addresses:

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